Create A Digital Photo Caricature from Scratch using Adobe Photoshop by Serkan Y

Create A Digital Photo Caricature from Scratch using Adobe Photoshop

A Step by Step Video Course for Complete Beginners!


My name is Serkan Yener and in this course, I am going to teach you my way of creating a realistic photo caricature from start to finish. In the course, I show you, in real time, how to create 6 different caricatures in order to show you how to handle different situations that you might come across with your own caricatures. By the end of this course, you should be able to create your own photo realistic caricatures as well as be able to use Adobe  Photoshop at a basic level. 

What's included?

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2 mins
What You Will Need
6 mins
Basics of Caricature
3 mins
Adobe Photoshop Basics
26 mins
Finding an Image to Work With
4 mins
Artwork Dimensions
5 mins
Caricature 1 - Step by Step
Isolating the Features
17 mins
The Head, Body and Background
19 mins
The Facial Features
28 mins
Improvements and Enhancements
29 mins
Download - Caricature 1 - Stock Image (JPG)
305 KB
Download - Caricature 1 (PSD)
60.8 MB
Download - Caricature 1 (JPG)
1.83 MB
Caricature 2 - Step by Step
Isolating the Features
8 mins
The Head, Body and Background
13 mins
The Facial Features
20 mins
Improvements and Enhancements
11 mins
Download - Caricature 2 - Stock Image (JPG)
10.1 MB
Download - Caricature 2 (PSD)
127 MB
Download - Caricature 2 (JPG)
3.19 MB
Caricature 3 - Female Subject with Long Hair
Caricature 3 - Female Subject with Long Hair
(1h 18m 12s)
Download - Caricature 3 - Stock Image (JPG)
956 KB
Download - Caricature 3 (PSD)
88.2 MB
Download - Caricature 3 (JPG)
3.05 MB
Caricature 4 - Glasses and Hands
Carciature 4 - Glasses and Hands
(1h 20m 57s)
Download - Caricature 4 - Stock Image (JPG)
9.16 MB
Download - Caricature 4 (PSD)
168 MB
Download - Caricature 4 (JPG)
4.28 MB
Caricature 5 - Photo to Painting
Caricature 5 - Extra Painting
(1h 02m 39s)
Download - Caricature 5 - Stock Image (JPG)
1.74 MB
Download - Caricature 5 (PSD)
229 MB
Download - Caricature 5 (JPG)
4.4 MB
Caricature 6 - Fast Demo
Caricature 6 - Fast Demo
44 mins
Download - Caricature 6 - Stock Image (JPG)
2.94 MB
Download - Caricature 6 (PSD)
260 MB
Download - Caricature 6 (JPG)
3.34 MB
Saving your Caricature
12 mins
Final Thoughts
1 min

Caricatures in this Course

Other Photo Caricature Examples


What is a photo caricature?

Well, caricatures can be created by drawing, painting, sculpting and other mediums of art. 
So a photo caricature is one that is created by using an actual photograph and digitally manipulating it with photo editing software.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

I offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so if you aren't totally satisfied with the course within 7 days, I'll happily refund you for the course. 

Can I ask for help if I have trouble?

Yes! Please contact me via the contact form at or via my Facebook page and I will be more than happy to help.